Festiva Maxima

Festiva Maxima's are a large white flower with flecks of crimson in the middle. Blooms are  fragrant.

Duchesse de Nemours

Duchesse is a large pure white peony that is very fragrant.

Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah's are a large deep pink peony that lightens toward the edges. Wonderful fragrance.

Edulis Superba

Edulis has a  color that is deep pink with lavender undertones. Once the flower opens it shows light pink petals from the center. Has fragrance.

Alexander Fleming

Alexander's have a similar deep pink color as Edulis, What makes these different are the frosted tips that the petals tend to have in the center of the bloom.

Red Charm

Red Charm's are a large peony with intense red crimson color.

Felix Supreme

Felix has large ruby red flowers

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