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Springerhill Farm, LLC

          Alaskan peonies Fed by the Northern Lights AND nourished by the Midnight Sun


Nestled in the hills of the Interior of Alaska, 20 miles North of the Alaska Range and located in the Tanana River Valley is the Village of Nenana. Seven miles North of Nenana is Springerhill farm. Our family started building on this homestead in 1986. It has evolved into what is now 30 acres of hay/pasture, 20 acres of wood lot and approximately 10 acres of peony plants. The first 3,000 roots were planted in 2010 and we now have 10,000 peony plants on our farm. Our family Company, Springerhill Farm, LLC was founded in 2018 and consists of Virginia Young, her three children and their families. During the summer we have a crew of friends and neighbors who reside on the small village of Nenana. Our mix of cultivars is 40% whites, 37% pinks and 22% red flowers.

About Us

MP 311.8 Parks Highway

Nenana, Alaska

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